Saxophone and Woodwind Specialist for $150

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Saxophone and Woodwind Specialist for $150

I am so excited to join the ranks of other professionals here on airgigs! My goal is to help you bring the best out of your music, whether that's delivering a killer recording of your woodwind parts, or helping you craft the perfect accompaniment to your piece.

Let chat so we can figure out what works for you!

I have experience recording woodwind tracks for video games, TV scores, Netflix, and creators like you. While I am new to this platform, I always ensure my clients are left feeling satisfied after working with me.

I graduated from Berklee College of Music, majoring in Jazz Composition and Saxophone performance. Some career highlights include touring the US with Billy Cobham (2022), performing with Vince Mendoza, Bill Holman, as well as Jon Mayer (Coltrane).

Here is a thorough, but non-exhaustive list of what I play:

- Saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone)
- Flutes (Piccolo, C Flute, and Alto Flute)
- Clarinets (Bb Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, and Low C Bass Clarinet)
- Oboe/English Horn
- Bassoon

Whatever you need, from funky sax parts, to film score woodwinds, I'm your guy. My studio here in LA delivers exceptional recordings. It's a dry room, so you can add your own ambience. I also have great mics, preamps, converters, and I accept session files from ProTools, Logic, Nuendo/Cubase, and Ableton.

  • Jazz
  • World
  • Funk
  • Classical
  • Latin
  • Musical theatre

Woodwind Demo Reel

A collection of a few projects I have worked on.
  • Woodwind Demo Reel
  • Saxophone Demo Reel

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