Professional Clarinet Session Recordings for $100

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Shannon Leigh

Professional Clarinet Session Recordings for $100

Hi! I play the clarinet! I play it so good it'll knock your socks off. Money back guaranteed if your socks aren't off by the time you've listened to the sweet sound of my life's work. I've got two shiny degrees to prove my worth to you. Did you read that correctly? Two degrees! That's one bachelor's in music education and one master's in contemporary classical music performance, whatever the heck THAT is, right? I've got a sick set up in my apartment because my partner is a pro at recording me (and dealing with me amiright?) so I can guarantee a lovely finished product. I also offer 5 revisions in case you have notes for yours truly. So anyway, here's the deal: you've got music to record, I've got a life's work on an instrument and almost nothing to show for it. Let's make beauty together. And hey, I'll even include a picture of my sweet little guinea pigs (gotta have that personal touch amiright?) So what do you say? Click that lil button and let's do this thang.

Broken Table

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