Saxophone: Wild solos, subtle lines, punchy sax hooks for $100

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Saxophone: Wild solos, subtle lines, punchy sax hooks for $100

Pro session saxophonist, recorded & performed globally - e.g. ICEHOUSE, Andrew Farriss (INXS). Can play anything from Pop, Rock, Hip Hop & House through to Jazz, Funk, Blues & Folk. Formally trained in Jazz/Contemporary & recording engineering (ANU/UIUC) and Classical (AMusA) and am able to play parts by ear, written or improvised. I have a professional studio set-up and diligent work ethic.

90-second reel:

6-min reel:

I have extensive recording & performing experience through a plethora of session work as well as producing my own albums.
My saxophone services can be as simple as playing over an EDM track for you to chop up as you wish, producing funky horn arrangements for an R&B tune or the classic wailing Pop/Rock sax solo that makes you shiver inside.

I have journeyed through the USA, Europe and Australia, performing in clubs and doing session work with bands, songwriters, producers and DJs from all walks of musical life.
Inspired by this, I constantly explore new musical avenues to discover original sounds and styles.
My maturity as a session player means that if you know exactly what you want I can help you realize that dream, taking criticism (without egos getting in the way!) until you are satisfied. And if you don't know what you want, I am also more than happy to create the parts myself. Job time can often be under 24 hours - please let me know if you have quick turnaround requirements.
I also play guitar, bass and EWI.

Pricing options vary from project to project - please get in touch to discuss our different options.

Looking forward to working together!

Yanagisawa 992 alto sax
Yanagisawa WO1 tenor sax
Akai Pro EWI5000 (Electronic Wind Instrument)
Fender Telecaster
Fender Jazz Bass
Pro Tools & Logic

Please credit me in your track and provide a copy of the completed track once finished if possible.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • House
  • Hip Hop

Hugo Lee Sax Showreel

A succinct compilation of some of my Sax highlights - head over to my website for more!
  • Hugo Lee Sax Showreel
  • Soulful solo sax
  • 2020 Showreel Hugo Lee Sax
  • Smooth Funky Sax Jam

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