Background and Solo Saxophone for $40

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Michael C Jarrell

Background and Solo Saxophone for $40

Hi, My name is Michael and I am excited to work with you on your new and developing tune. I have been a musician and saxophonist for 14 years and a recording engineer for three years. My goal with this service is to provide the opportunity for bands or musicians that want horn backgrounds or horn parts in their song to be able to have that. I perform jazz most of the time, but I delve into the worlds of hip hop, pop, and rock quite a bit.
I record with a scarlet 2i2 and a few shure and sony microphones into pro tools.
I will do up to 3 tracks of harmony, if desired, on the backgrounds for 40 dollars, and additional tracks of harmony will add an additional cost.
If solos are desired, those will also be an extra 10 dollars.

I would love to get this process down to two revisions. The first would be a rough mix to make sure we are on the same page as far as vibe and understanding of what you want. The second would be for any last minute thoughts or changes you might want to make. In reality I will probably go until you feel good about it.

  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • Neo soul
  • Blues
  • Swing

Root that Stump

Jazz Album 'Three Day', Alto Solo
  • Root that Stump
  • Waves Under the Moon
  • Noddin'

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