Trumpet layered tracks for $100

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Trumpet layered tracks for $100

I will record layered horn parts on one song for $100. This includes up to 4 parts layered. Feel free to contact me to discuss what is needed for your project. I can read charts, created backgrounds, and take improvised solos if necessary. If you are looking for a full horn section that can be discussed as well, but that will be $100 per song per instrument with all the same layering described above. I have have my bachelors degree from Oberlin Conservatory and my masters degree from Rutgers. I play a variety of styles (Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Rock, Neo-Soul, Latin)

22 Reviews

  1. Review By: MAUDIO Apr 10, 2019

    He recorded the track fast.

  2. Review By: jazzmaestro88 Apr 7, 2019

    Great work! Them high notes! Fast turnaround too. Thanks!

  3. Review By: alxndrmusic Mar 8, 2019

    Absolutely incredible work. Did everything I asked for and beyond. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  4. Review By: johnglasser Dec 3, 2018

    once again great horns. lots of stuff to choose from. gave us exactly what we asked for and more

  5. Review By: johnglasser Nov 25, 2018

    great stuff. we'll be back for more

  6. Review By: rafa Oct 25, 2018

    Great player, great communication , great work! I highly recommend it!

  7. Review By: SLAVAZVER Sep 30, 2018

    SUPER!!!!Thank you so much!!!

  8. Review By: songkraft Aug 29, 2018

    Great work! The ideas given fit right with the style of the song!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  9. Review By: frankvincent Jul 30, 2018

    These horns hit the spot....the more I listen, the more I like!

  10. Review By: BokT Nov 14, 2017

    Fantastic!!!! I needed some some brass on a song of mine and DJMagic delivered a five star track. Thank you so much; you really livened up the song and gave it a magic touch :D If you're looking for a trumpet composition on your song, don't hesitate working with him; I think you'll be thrilled with the final result.

  11. Review By: igraham Nov 8, 2017

    Great trumpet sound. Nailed the part and also provided an imrov track. Took a little long than some other musicians on AirGigs but clearly took the time to learn the song well and lock in the rhythms. Good player, good price. Highly recommended.

  12. Review By: toly Nov 7, 2017

    +++A -- Excellent Trumpet Player !!!!
    thankyou so much for all your help !!!!!

  13. Review By: Mecca83 Jun 9, 2017

    Second time customer - another stellar delivery in terms of both content and timescales. Couldn't be happier!

  14. Review By: Shefa Jun 8, 2017

    Killed it! I got my monies worth :)

  15. Review By: Jk0261 May 26, 2017

    awesome work again!

  16. Review By: benpryer May 17, 2017

    What an absolutely incredible musician. Completely blown away, He did all the work and really brought my track to life. We made a hit, my friend!

  17. Review By: highparksociety Apr 25, 2017

    Great job on the trumpet tracks!

  18. Review By: Jk0261 Jan 20, 2017

    his work is dope, hands down.

  19. Review By: cazzmusic Jan 16, 2017

    Tried out airgigs on a (bit of a last minute) whim when I needed to supplement my programmed brass samples on a track with the real deal. Donald delivered just that...and with fast turnover. Gave him the stems / notation and got back multiple usable tracks with that human element I was missing. Nailed some cool adlib takes as well. Great player, solid service. Perhaps I'll be trying out airgigs more after this experience. -CB

  20. Review By: magiccitytrio Oct 15, 2016

    Great player, quick work no fuss , good communication. - would definitely go to again -

  21. Review By: chaosdan Dec 17, 2015

    Superb musician, quick turnaround. Great playing, and threw in several different takes for me to choose from. Highly recommended.

  22. Review By: toly May 30, 2015

    Excellent !!!!!! thankyou so much!!!!

  23. Review By: danihell Mar 13, 2014

    Thanks...Great work whit you... fast and cool.

  24. Review By: Mecca83 Dec 10, 2013

    Thanks Donald - genuinely appreciated.

    I'll be sure to come back again for my next project :-)