flute tracks and killer solos for $100

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flute tracks and killer solos for $100

Jazz and Classical flute player here, you may have heard me most recently soloing on the Parcels Track Lightenup (towards the end of the track, attached here as a youtube video) I am fluent in Jazz and Funk styles, as well as being classically trained, having played with both the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria. Whatever you need, I can provide high quality solos or melody and harmony lines, with top quality sound and intonation. I have the full range of flutes on offer including Piccolo, C flute, Alto and Bass Flute. I record on a KM 184 microphone.

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • Classical

F Blues example

Short Improv
  • F Blues example
  • Parcels - Lightenup
  • Mike Lenson Band - Gimme

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