Solo/Horn Section Parts For Trombone Start At... for $150

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Willie Jacks aka. WILL JAXX

Solo/Horn Section Parts For Trombone Start At... for $150

Rates are: $150/track for the first recorded part, $100/track for layer #2, and $50/track for each additional layer (Example: Let's say that you want a 4-part trombone sound on your record. Then, you will pay $150 for the first line, $100 for layer #2, then an additional $50/track for layers #3 & #4. So, you would pay $350) IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE SONG THAT NEEDS PARTS, then a bundled flat-rate can be negotiated.

If you don't have specific instrumental parts in mind and request that I arrange the horn lines to accompany your music, a separate arranging fee MAY apply ($75/up) based on the complexity of your music project. This does not apply to tracks where I simply solo over the music. With horn section work, I normally write out charts for each instrument by hand. I always retain ownership of the original autographs, however copies of these handwritten horn parts are available for $25/part.


Urban Jazz
  • Song:
  • Song, What Does It Mean To Love f/ Takiya

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