Small Ensemble Arrangements for $60

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Small Ensemble Arrangements for $60

With 5 years of arranging experience, I have arranged for brass and woodwind chamber ensembles, brass bands, and other small combo groups. I am comfortable writing for any similar ensembles composed of brass, woodwinds, and pitched percussion and other common instruments. My past arrangements are being played by high school bands, chamber ensembles, and other local combo groups. I will arrange for groups of 7 or less players, with any assortment of the previously stated instrumentation.

If a customer is not satisfied with the originally provided arrangement, I will make revisions up to 4 times to address any and all specific changes that the buyer may want. If the customer is still not satisfied, I offer 100% money-back guarantee.

I will arrange songs from 70s rock to modern pop to movie soundtracks and most genres in between. If specified, I will create a medley of up to 2 songs or 4 themes from the same movie. Music will be provided as PDF file (with parts and score) and an mp3 or midi file.

Please contact with any questions!

How to Train Your Dragon Medley

Brass Quintet arrangement based on Brown's
  • How to Train Your Dragon Medley
  • Sucker

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