Soprano & Alto Sax Parts for $300

In Brass, Woodwind By Tony Craddock, Jr.

Soprano & Alto Sax Parts for $300

I have been produced by award-winning and chart-topping jazz guitarist Ken Navarro (Album: H2O, released in 2018). I have recorded saxophone parts for:
- Multi-Grammy-nominated producer Joel Diamond ("This Moment in Time" and "Still I Rise," both tracks are pending release)
- Multi-instrumentalist Terrence Richburg ("Portrait of Adoration" appeared on Music Choice Smooth Jazz)
- Guitarist John Carey ("Don't Walk Away" was a #1 hit song on 96.6 The Oasis).

I record in my home studio using Apple Logic and an AKG C414 condenser microphone, which provides a full, warm and rich saxophone tone to both my soprano and alto saxophones. For every one track I am asked to record, I will provide two tracks/takes, to give the artist/client options to choose from. One set of revisions is included in my fee.

Sunrise (Remix)

February 2019 Radio Single (Alto Sax) - Original Composition
  • Sunrise (Remix)
  • Living Water (feat. Ken Navarro)

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