Royalty Free Female Vocalist with Large Range for $230

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Royalty Free Female Vocalist with Large Range for $230

Thanks for stopping by! Here's a bit about me and my services to help you decide if we're a good fit.

I have a 4+ octave singing range and can work in multiple genres such as pop, rock, folk, country, alternative, dance, epic/ethereal vocals best suited in movie trailer soundtracks and more.

Artists I am able to immitate would be Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Shania Twain, Disney princesses and more.

I love the thrill of new challenges, melodies and harmonies. I look forward to bringing my all to your project and helping you to bring your song to life.

::Technical Details::
I have a fully equipped sound proofed home studio using a BlueBird mic, USBpre 2 audio interface and Adobe Audition CS6.

This price includes:
- 1 lead vocal track
- Vocals will be delivered dry (effects available upon request)
- Delivered in wav format
- I'll also include an mp3 mix of my vocals and the track so you can hear the final version

This price does not include:
- Lyric writing (your lyrics need to be completed)
- Melody creation (the melody needs to be complete and vocal reference track provided).

I can of course improvise, ad lib and creatively carry out your melody if you would like me to take creative freedom, but the melody does indeed need to be in place and provided via a reference track in order for me to begin.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Need harmonies and ad libs? I offer this services as well!
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Better Me for Me

  • Better Me for Me
  • Movie Trailer Soundtrack

22 Reviews

  1. Review By: mattclark Jan 9, 2018

    Sounds great, highly recommended!

  2. Review By: Orullian Dec 4, 2017

    Audrey was the most gracious and cooperative vocalist I've worked with yet any of these vocal service sites. It's rare to find someone with this kind of attitude. Thanks, Audrey!

  3. Review By: MickLang Dec 3, 2017

    Fabulous! Audrey captured the essence of my work and delivered big time. I highly recommend her and will be working with her again!

  4. Review By: yayaks Dec 1, 2017

    Audrey is simply amazing! Utilized her for a long and complex progressive rock song with some really challenging melodies. She absolutely nailed everything. Her range is unreal and most importantly, she was very professional, quick, and easy to communicate with. So glad I found Audrey here on Airgigs!

  5. Review By: Herve Jul 8, 2017

    Audrey did a great work, exactly what I need
    Very profesional

  6. Review By: ToddB May 17, 2017

    Audrey continues to deliver! As always - 5 stars.

  7. Review By: ToddB May 8, 2017

    Audrey was super as always. Looking forward to the next one as well. Five stars.

  8. Review By: ToddB Feb 14, 2017

    Audrey is super to work with. Great attitude and great voice - just what I was looking for. I chose her for my particular songs after comparing her to many of the other fine singers also listed on this website. She more than delivered and showed that she truly cared about the music. In fact, I plan to keep working with her. More than five stars if possible.

  9. Review By: Xaver Jul 28, 2016

    Great as always! Thanks again! :)

  10. Review By: mikrucio Jul 11, 2016

    Great Stuff! Thanks again

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  11. Review By: ferdibollandproductions Jul 11, 2016

    Well done Audrey, sounds great!. You really understand the vibe and feel of the track. 5 stars*****

  12. Review By: pierrem Jan 29, 2016

    very nice, thank you

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  13. Review By: wojtek123 Dec 31, 2015

    Not only does she have phenomenal range that can accommodate very difficult songs, she also is excellent when it comes to song interpretation per client's request. Besides, there is a great ease in communicating with Audrey.

  14. Review By: roccogibralta1 Dec 5, 2015

    Thanks Audrey, for another job well done!

  15. Review By: roccogibralta1 Nov 14, 2015

    Bee-oooo-ti-full job. Unbelievable range. Hit them high notes, and busted out my windows!

  16. Review By: Xaver Jun 9, 2015

    Great work, thank you very much! We and our client are very happy!

  17. Review By: Xaver Jun 9, 2015

    Great work, thank you very much! We and our client are very happy!

  18. Review By: timjdarling May 10, 2015

    Incredible as always! Both the belt-out highs and

  19. Review By: krovere5 Mar 31, 2015

    Another great vocal! I'd encourage anyone looking for a pitch perfect vocal to use her service. This is my 2nd tune and a 3rd is on the way !

  20. Review By: timjdarling Feb 21, 2015

    Awesome as always!

  21. Review By: timjdarling Jan 23, 2015

    Great energy and character in her voice.. great to work with!

  22. Review By: Ravenccs Oct 29, 2014

    This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

    After listening to this, I am going to make it into a larger choral song with tenor and soprano added to this beautiful piece you completed. It now sounds like a "big" song with you singing it the way you did it.!

    I will send you a message in the inbox also.

  23. Review By: Ravenccs Oct 14, 2014

    Audrey is GREAT to work with! Excellent communication, great attitude and AMAZING vocals! I plan on working with her on many future projects!
    Thanks Audrey!!! :)

  24. Review By: vzprod Jul 8, 2014

    I had a great experience working with Audrey. She delivered on time and exactly what I needed for my song. Thank you!

  25. Review By: russeml Jun 21, 2014

    Flawless performance! 5/5

  26. Review By: krovere5 Mar 18, 2014

    What a wonderful singer! Very willing to give you exactly what you're looking for. Sounded amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking that perfetc vocal !

  27. Review By: mikrucio Mar 11, 2014

    4+ Octaves! Beautiful warm tone! versatile,professional and kind.
    again best vocalist on this site!

  28. Review By: mikrucio Feb 13, 2014

    Best Vocalist on by far.