In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Zineb


Are you looking for a female vocalist to sing your songs or to write some awesome lyrics for you? no need to search further, I'm here to sing your song perfectly.

I have years of experience in singing and freelancing as a vocalist on different platforms. I have worked with some of the greatest singers and songwriters like the Rock Singer (AMEL D).

My genre range includes Pop, Jazz, R&B, House,Kpop.

I can sing both low and high notes, my vocal range can sing very low notes which is also my vocal comfort zone.

My success key is that I can sing and write lyrics on different languages that I can speak fluently including English, and my second language french also my native language Arabic (ALL DIALECT INCLUDED)

An idea about my work process

- all I need to starts recording is your lyrics, instrumental and vocal guide if it's available if it's not a vocal reference would be enough.
-I can provide lyrics writing on the language I mentioned above. (Verse, Chorus, Hook, bridge).
-2 Revisions included in my service.
-My service is (COPYRIGHT FREE)

IMPORTANT: I'm new on Airgig so I'm really Looking forward to collaborate with you!

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