Experienced! MAIN VOCALS + HARMONIES/ADLIBS for $115

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By claire

Experienced! MAIN VOCALS + HARMONIES/ADLIBS for $115

I'm an experienced AirGigs singer. I've worked with 8 clients and completed 18 songs on this platform. Check my profile for reviews on my service! (100% 5-star rated!)

My style is more suited to pop, EDM, Alternative, and R&B. I’m most comfortable in mid/high range and my tone can be strong (Demi Lovato, Sia) or soft (Billie Eilish, Sabrina Claudio). I’m very open to criticism and direction for projects.

My biggest musical achievement would be traveling to South Korea to perform in a children's show as "Maria" from Sound of Music. I went to school for Audio Engineering and I’m user-certified in ProTools 12 (which I use at home.) I have experience in songwriting but it is not a service I provide.

Main Vocals - Main vocals of a song or jingle less than 5 minutes (includes backing vocals)
Harmonies & Adlibs - Harmonies & adlibs for your song
Edited Vocals - I will edit only my own vocal takes to ensure perfection. I offer to send an unmixed version along with a light FX version (pitch-correction, reverb, compressor, etc.) Exported in wav and/or mp3 file. I work in ProTools 12 so I can provide the entire session or just stems once completed.
(Before purchasing, please be sure you are able to provide your song with a guide vocal as well as lyrics because I do not offer songwriting or alterations.)

My Samples/Previews Here Include:
[Video] Cover of "7 rings" by Ariana Grande (produced, performed, & mixed by me)
Cover of "God is a Woman" by Ariana Grande (mixed by Reflekshun)
Cover of "Consequences" by Camila Cabello
Cover of "I Don't Think About You" by Kelly Clarkson

Mac Mini
Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB
Cloudlifter C1
SM7b (dynamic)
Aston Origin (condenser)
ProTools 12
Acoustic Wall Panels
Mic Isolation Shield
Auphonix Pop Filter

Don’t be shy when it comes to your desired artistic direction! It’s your product after all! :)
Thank you for your time, I hope to work with you soon!

God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

Cover with FX (mixed by Reflekshun)
  • God is a Woman - Ariana Grande
  • Consequences - Camila Cabello
  • I Don't Think About You - Kelly Clarkson

2 Reviews

  1. Review By: robbynmusic Jul 5, 2019

    Hey, another great job. Track is already sounding fantastic, and Claire's voice, harmonies and work just make every record special. Thanks again.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  2. Review By: XENEN Jun 7, 2019

    Amazing work as always. Constantly a pleasure to work with.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  3. Review By: jaydoucet Jun 7, 2019

    Claire was great to work with, was very professional and had excellent communication. Work was done in a timely manner and according to the specs I requested. Thanks Claire!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  4. Review By: fyr3storm May 25, 2019

    Claire not only has a great voice but also is exceptionally professional and easy to communicate with. What she delivered greatly exceeded my expectations and I'll definitely be working with her again in the future. Thanks Claire!!

  5. Review By: XENEN May 9, 2019

    Claire was an absolute pleasure to work with. An extremely talented and passionate singer who's productive and efficient with time. She was very open to revisions and working to get the vocals exactly where they needed to be. I could not be more happy with the outcome.

  6. Review By: lindajk May 3, 2019

    Wonderful vocalist and a fantastic person to work with

  7. Review By: heljeans Feb 28, 2019

    It's been a pleasure again.. she's cooperative and precise.. thanks

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  8. Review By: lindajk Feb 24, 2019

    Super experience working with Claire. She has a terrific voice and feel for the music. Would work with her again in a second.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  9. Review By: robbynmusic Feb 12, 2019

    I really enjoyed working on the track. Claire made such a big effort to make it special and it worked, I love the final vocal, it fits in beautifully with my track and sounds amazing! Definitely work with Claire if you want a professional, high quality vocal that would work in any genre. She's adaptable, versatile and extremely talented. I will be back!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  10. Review By: Richard Jan 11, 2019

    Claire did a fantastic job. Very easy to work with, quick and open for revisions. Thank you!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  11. Review By: heljeans Jan 2, 2019

    It was a great experience to work with Claire again..

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  12. Review By: Burnie Dec 17, 2018

    Claire was great to work with she worked diligently to make sure she delivered exactly what I needed very talented I highly recommend her for your next project

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  13. Review By: heljeans Nov 30, 2018

    Claire works careful and precise, she's flexible in her appoach, open for revisions/varients and easy to communicate with. I appreciate the effort she put in the project and for adding some shine to the songs. Thanks..

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  14. Review By: rogsoy Nov 15, 2018

    Claire has a great voice and did a fantastic job on my song. She is not satisfied until you are completely happy with the finished project. I would highly recommend her.

    - This review was for a custom proposal