Female Vocalist—Soulful singer bringing your songs to life for $100

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Female Vocalist—Soulful singer bringing your songs to life for $100

Hi there! My name's Amanda and I am a singer/songwriter with an almost four octave range with several years of experience based out of the Washington, D.C area.

I work in a variety of cover bands and so it is easy for me to adapt my voice to the exact sound/vibe your song would require. Some artists I typically cover in these bands are Adele, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Pat Benatar. While I cover all genres, I would say that I specialize in pop, r&b, and indie.

As for my technical specs, I use Logic Pro X and a Blue Microphone Bluebird SL Large-Diaphragm Condenser to record all of my vocals in my custom booth, which I built myself. There will be no background noises, clicks or pops for you to edit out in the mixing.

Something important to note is that I am work for hire only, which means you retain all ownership of your song and only pay me this one time fee to record my vocals. I will not be entitled to any royalties (this is unless I was part of the songwriting process as well)

I do offer deals where I'd work with you on the songwriting of your track or write a song for you entirety. If this is something you're interested in, I will ask for a royalty credit,in addition to a songwriting fee (which would be the price of an additional vocal order, if you wanted me to write an entire song's melody, lyrics, and/or both).

Unfortunately I cannot read music, so I will need a guide track if that is possible. Additionally, my name "Amanda Cunningham" cannot be used as a feature without my permission.

The $100 vocal price includes:
- A lead vocal track of up to 210 seconds of your song
— WITH backing vocals & harmony on the chorus, if you'd like that
— Commercial use
— 2-4 business day turnaround time, relative to my current workload.
— 2 free revisions (Acceptable revisions: "Please remove 'a specific word' in the first line," "You were a little flat on the last note," etc. Revisions for an extra fee: "Change the lyrics of the chorus," "Change the entire rhythm of the verse," "Change the melody of the bridge," etc.)

Let me know how I can help take your project to the next level and I look forward to hearing from you through the CONTACT button above!

Piece by Piece—Katie Melua (cover by Amanda Cunningham)

A bit of a softer, jazz song
  • Piece by Piece—Katie Melua (cover by Amanda Cunningham)
  • Hallelujah—Jeff Buckley/Tori Kelly (cover by Amanda Cunningham)
  • Jolene

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