Let me create an awesome drum track for your song for $75

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Let me create an awesome drum track for your song for $75

Are you struglling with drum parts for your song? You need organic live drums for you or your client? Hey, no worries. you're at the right place!

I successfully collaborated with hudreds of songwriters/artists/musicians from all over the world. I can help you too, with variety of styles from hip hop to pop, rock, country, gospel, funk, fusion, r'n'b, reggae, afro beat, etc.

I guess you're bored of using drum loops and midi drums and want to add fat, punchy live drums to your song. Well, this is the real deal!

I'm providing premium quality drum tracks from my online recording studio specifically designed for drum recording. I use top notch, industry standard mics, pre's and converters, and I'm recording on 3 drum sets, modern and vintage, to accomodate any sound you may need!

pre's: ATI 8mx2 (API predecessor), Antelope Zen Studio
mics: AKG, Shure, Audix, Fostex, Behringer, etc.
converters: Antelope Audio

drum sets: Gretsch USA Custom (2019), Ludwig Classic maple (2009), Ludwig Big Beat ('70ies), Yamaha Recording Custom ('80ies)

cymbals: Zildjian, Istanbul, Bosphorus, Impression

You can listen to some of my recent work on my Soundcloud page!

I simply love studio work and I'm extremely passionate, dedicated and professional about it! If you hire me, I'm sure we can make some magic together!

Feel free to ask any question regarding the process, gear, whatever. Would love to work with you!

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  • Ken Kunin - Venom
  • Ken Kunin - The Qeensland Sky

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