Record drums for your song for $100

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Record drums for your song for $100

Feel free to contact me before placing an order.

I'm an experienced drummer, based in Ukraine. I can meet your drum needs, whether it's Jazz, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Funk, Fusion, Pop, or whatever genre.

You're getting clean and professional tones from Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Kit with variate toms and snare sounds and Paiste Formula 602 Cymbals triggered from an Alesis Surge Mesh Kit!

Seven (7) full drum kits captured by Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer

Michael Ilbert (Coldplay, Adele, The Weeknd) at the world-famous Hansa Studios in Berlin.

The electronic drum kit gives you and me full flexibility to get the perfectly matching sound of the drumset, according to your taste.

All I require is your track and instructions. For best results, ensure the way was recorded to a click/metronome!

I Will Provide:

A mixed-down high-quality stereo file (.WAV, 44.1-48 kHz / 16-24 bit) of the drum tracks.
Depending on the package, I will also provide HQ WAV stems including; Kick, Snare, Hihats, Hi-Tom, Mid-Tom, Lo-Tom, Overheads, and Room!
Mixing services if required.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop
  • Prog rock
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Electronic

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