Drum and Percussion Recording 1 song for $150

In Drums By Alexander Young

Drum and Percussion Recording 1 song for $150

I operate out of the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN. I've got a vast selection of drums and cymbals that are just waiting to make it onto your songs. All mics are going into my UA Apollo 8p/Twin combo for a total of 10 channels, and recording into Logic Pro X.

Once you send your song and any arrangement notes, I'll get started plugging away. Once I feel like I'm close, I'll send you a rough bounce. This is where you can offer any notes, request revisions, etc. I know it says 2 revisions, but ultimately I just want you to get what you need.

I am no mix engineer so what you'll get from me are simply clean, malleable drum tracks. I only clean up EQs and add a little compression to overheads and a room mic.

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Running Away - Rachelle Lanae

Going for that Fiona Apple Vibe
  • Running Away - Rachelle Lanae
  • Now Or Never - All Eyes
  • Visualize - All Eyes

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