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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my ad!

*(please BEFORE booking any service, WRITE ME A MESSAGE so that we can decide the schedule together)*

I'm Caterina, an Italian sound engineer and session drummer.

I have 15years+ experience as a drummer both in studio and live situation across Italy, Ireland and UK.
I can play mostly any genre, but I'm specialized in Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Punk, Pop-Rock and Folk.

I'm lucky enough to have my own recording studio (The Blue Factory Studio) where I can professionally record, edit and mix drum tracks. I'm in my studio every weekday so I can turn around a first take quickly.

I can provide up to 12 tracks of high-quality drumming (48kHz, 24 bit) and any extra percussion track if needed/desired.
I usually offer one revision together with the first recording provided within 24 hours of when I start recording. Extra revisions are offered for a small charge.

I will deliver individual wav files for each drum track and if requested the mixed drum track as an high quality stereo wav file (48kHz, 24 bit).

My Drum kit:
Yamaha Birch Custom Drum set: Kick 22"x18, Tom 12"x9, Tom 13"x10, Floor Tom 16"x16
Gretsch COB Snare 14"x5
Phonika Iroko+Padouk wood Snare 14"x7
Various types of percussions, tambourines, shakers.

Zildjian K Light Hit Hat 15"
Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride 20"
Zildjian K Custom Session Crash 16"
Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash 18"

Pearl P-902 double bass drum pedal
DW 5000 single pedal
TAMA Iron Cobra single pedal

DAW: Cubase Pro 12
Preamps: Audient ASP 880 preamps, Audient iD44, SPL GoldMike 9844 Dual Channel Preamp.

Shure SM 57 (2)
Audix D6
AKG D112
CAD E300s
CAD M179
Golden Age R1 Active Ribbon MKIII
Rode NT5 (matched pair)
Line Audio CM4

What I need to start working with you?
Send me your track as an mp3 or wav file, along with any specific directions you have for me: bpm, timing, styles, dynamics, drum tones, references, etc
If you have any sketch file or programmed beat/ drums send them over to me so I can them as a starting point or as a reference. The more information you can provide the better.

Have other questions or concern? Let me know and I'd be happy to answer them!
I would love to help you out with your next project!


  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Punk
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Folk

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