Expert Drum Tracking for $200

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Expert Drum Tracking for $200

My studio, "The Downtown Batterie" is a top tier Tracking room here in Franklin,TN. A suburb right outside of Nashville Tn. My room has been featured in Mix Magazine numerous times as well as EQ mag, and other audio publications, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood, Kip Winger, Kathy Troccoli, Katy Perry, AJ Croce, Michael W. Smith, and numerous artists and producers have hired me and my room to deliver MASTER QUALTY Drum tracks. (see bio for more artists) The sound here is huge, punchy and articulate! Nothing other than the tracks themselves are "in the box".
The signal chain is all analog till it hits the convertors!

How I work, once I get files needed,
I do 3 takes of drums. The first take is charted off of what the pre pro drums are, sometimes with minor embellishment or exact if the client wants it exact.
I then do a 2nd pass that is maybe a more developed idea from pre pro drums.
The 3rd take is sometimes a little outside the box, or just
"options" for the different parts of song. I have been doing this program for more then 20 years and it works great! I really want to know what you want and hear your vision for your song. A lot of what I do is built on that.
I also do all kind of percussion. If the songs requires loops and programming, thats also included in my price. If after the 3 takes and perc and loops are listened to and you need revisions - I do one Revise session. After that I charge $75 for any additional new takes.
COMMUNICATION IS THE BEST THING! The more info I have the more I can give you a solid sounding and performed drum track.
As I mentioned Earlier - my sounds are all analog going into Protools! What that does is the convertors just have to work on getting that natural sound to "tape". The system is not bogged down with plug ins and other data.
GML 2032 Channel strip, UTA MPEQ-1, Brent Averill Avedis Mic Pre's,Daking, Mic pre's, Daking channel strips, Telefunken mic pre, ADL 600 mic pre, Siemens EQ, , Neve 8803 EQ's, Avalon 737's, Vintage Orban EQ, API 550's, API 560's, DBX 160's, EL8 Distressors, Daking II Comp, Overstayer Comp, BAE 276, TL Audio Comp's, Avid Interfaces. For mic's I use a combination of AKG, Audio Technica, Neumann and a good old SM 57.
Im a DW endorse so i have a ton of their gear plus some vintage Ludwig kits, Gretsch, and Slingerland Radio Kings, plenty of Snares and 100 Cymbals or so!

  • Pop-Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Funk
  • Country
  • CCM
  • Singer-Songwriter

Selena Gomez/Another Cinderella StoryTell Me Something I Don't Know

Selena Gomez/Another Cinderella Story
  • Selena Gomez/Another Cinderella StoryTell Me Something I Don't Know
  • Stephanie Smith Super Star Album
  • Oklahoma - Van Zant
  • Grow Up - Taylor Clark
  • Falling - Taylor Clark
  • Growing Pains - Katy (Hudson) Perry
  • Neverland - Los Angeles
  • Nave Should Have Let Her Go - Lydia Hollis
  • Best Of My Love - Jake Meyers
  • Code of Silence- B.Springsteen - Joe G
  • Oh So Very Wrong - Joe Hand
  • Distancia _ D. Kogure
  • Gringo Suave _ Michael Whalen
  • Always Love You - Nicole C Mullen
  • Soak - Rachel Farris
  • Fairy Tales - Rachel Van Gorden
  • Alive - Rebecca St James
  • The Water is Free - Regie Hamm
  • I Do Love You - Rick Cua
  • Dance Of the Dragon _ Rod DeGeorge
  • No Ordinary Love - toby Mac
  • He Is Worthy - Greg Long
  • Getting Down In the Delta
  • Destination
  • The Bang

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