Drums, Percussion, Loops and More for $100

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Drums, Percussion, Loops and More for $100

I'm excited to offer my services from my beautiful (looking and sounding) studio in Nashville, TN. I have been crafting my rig for the last 8 years and my clients couldn't be more pleased with the product. My rig includes:
Great River 500 series Mic Pres
Daking Audio Mic Pres
An assortment of mics from AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica and more.

A vast array of drums and percussion from all around the world will be at your disposal. I'm a collector of vintage drums, my favorites being 70's era Slingerlands. I have hand percussion from every corner of the world which I love adding to grooves, creating loops and peppering tracks with.

Styles I'm comfortable with include Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Brazilian styles, Funk, Hip Hop, Punk and Metal.

Jordan Perlson's Reel

I was the drummer and percussionist on these tracks. These are some highlights from the last several years in the studio. Styles range from Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and more. If you'd like specific info on anything you hear just ask!
  • Jordan Perlson's Reel

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