Professionally record Jazz drums for $80

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Professionally record Jazz drums for $80


My name is Lav Kovac and I'm a jazz drummer working professionally for over 15 years. I have recorded drums on 30+ albums of jazz and contemporary eclectic styles of music.

I am versatile in any sub-genres within jazz and improvised music, and open to new ideas and fusion of styles.

I offer a fully professional recording of a high quality drum set, using top recording equipment:

Sonor 1960s vintage drumset
Bosphorus SW Syncopation series cymbals
A Pair of Neumann KM184 or KM100 as overhead microphones
AKG C1000 or Beyerdynamic M201 as snare drum microphone
AKG 4040 and AKG C747 for the bass drum
AKG C451 for tom & floor tom
Digidesign 96/24, Pro Tools

Contact me for any further inquiries. All the best!

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