Multi genre quality drum tracks in a professional studio for $75

In Drums By Bill Kokkonis

Multi genre quality drum tracks in a professional studio for $75

Hello! My name is Bill Kokkonis and my 30 year experience on the drums have taught me to serve the song's needs. Music is passion so when someone wants to hire my services for their song(s) it is a huge honor for me and I give my all to do justice to their project.
With 75$ I can offer up to three revisions recorded in a professional studio and not in some home or basement. Each additional revisions cost an extra 25$. Once you've decided on which version is best then the final track will be mixed and sent to you in whatever format suits you best. Along with the other stems of course if you want them.
My pre-recording process is to have you send me your project with or without drums but with a click , along with your notes as to what exactly you have in mind. Tuning is an integral part of my process so let me know what we are aiming for sonically with relevant examples of other drummer's sounds.

My equipment:
Drumkit 1 - DW Maple custom
22''x 16'' kick
10'' tom
12'' tom
14'' tom
16'' tom

Drumkit 2 - Tama Rockstar Dx
22''x16'' kick
8'' tom
10'' tom
12'' tom
13'' tom
16'' tom

Drumkit 3 - Sonor Force 2005
22''x18 kick
12'' tom
13'' tom
16'' tom

Snare drums:
Tama starphonic copper 14''x7''
Ludwig supraphonic14''x5.5''
Pearl Reference 14''x6.5''
Gabriel 14''x3.5''
Gabriel 14''x 5''
Pearl Sensitone 14'''x6.5''
Pearl Ultracast 14''x6.5''

Cymbals: collection of Sabian, Zildjian,Paiste,Meinl
Main set up used:
14''Sabian AAX hihat
18''Paiste 2002 classic crash
16'' Sabian hand hammered crash custom shaped into a hexagon and 17'' zildjian Z custom drilled crash stacked together
20'' Sabian AA raw bell crash medium
18'' Sabian AA medium thin crash and 19'' Zildjian Z custom drilled crash stacked together
20'' Zildjian earth ride

"Mix"" studio equipment:
Pro tools 8 HD
4x neve portico
4 x api 512 c
2 x neve amek 9098
2 x A designs
2 x ssl xr621
1 x la chapell audio
1 x telefunken v 76

2 x Audix d6
2 x Audix d2
1 x Audix d4
2 x Audix condense mics
2 x AKG 414 c
2 x Neumann k 184
1 x Neumann u 87
3 x Shure sm 57
1 x AKG D 112
1 x Shure beta 52
1 x Shure beta 91
1 x Sennheiser 441

  • Hard Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Metal
  • Punk
  • Pop


Metal Punk Industrial
  • ''Inane
  • ''Aftermath of a calculated Murder'' Stereo Animal
  • ''Love is not a crime'' Alexandros Perros and the Lone stars

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