Live drum track recodring for $100

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Live drum track recodring for $100

Hi my name is, Jonathan Taylor and I have a basic home studio that I use to record live drums. I have been playing drums all my life and have been a recording/, Mix engineer, for over a decade. I practice, play live and record drums with a metronome so that the performance will be in sync with your projects. I can ensure great timing, a great groove, a good feel, playing in the pocket or wild and flashy performances (if desired).

I normally do some basic creative mixingprocessing to the drum tracks to maybe pull out some of the fundamental desired tones using such tools as mainly EQ, compression, and maybe some reverb (depending on the application). Above all, your vision for the song is my priority.
I’m willing to do however many Takes and edits that are reasonably necessary to get the production right.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel to hear more of my playing.


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