High Quality Live Drum Loop Recording for $80

In Drums By Michael Vecchione

High Quality Live Drum Loop Recording for $80

Mike Vecchione is an NYC based Drummer, producer, and engineer. I will create some loops (Verse, chorus, bridge, some fills...etc..) of me playing live to your track or to your specifications. You will receive the isolated unmixed multitrack wav files via dropbox upon completion of the session. You will also receive a free loop album of your choice from my bandcamp drum loop library.

Session Sample Clips below in Soundcloud Player

note: These aren't full takes. Although you may get more than enough sections to create a full song with. See my other posted gig for full drum takes.


Motu 896 MK3 audio interface
3 Golden Age Project Pre Amplifiers


2 Akg 451's (stereo pair)
1 Akg D112 Kick Mic
2 Sennheiser 421 Mics
1 Sm57
1 Blueberry Mic

Ludwig and Yamaha Drum Kits
Zildjian K Cymbals

Cubase 7

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