PRO Online Session Drummer for $120

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Anthony Giancola

PRO Online Session Drummer for $120

I record drum tracks for singer songwriters, producers, composers and really enjoy collaborating with all artists from around the world.

I've done extensive television, radio work, hold a diploma in recording engineering and have a ton of studio experience.

Most of my work is done in my home recording studio, although for some bigger projects I do have access to bigger recording studios that have very nice rooms to record drums in. (availability & prices will vary)

My home recoding studio has all pro gear including a separate control room and live rooms. All walls and ceiling were constructed using QuietRock drywall and other top building materials. So, allot was invested to ensure top quality sound and production.

If you need drums put to your songs..............
Here is how I can help.

1.Contact me by email, phone or Skype and we'll discuss drum parts and the recording process.
2. Email your song(s) and I'll return a sample of your song(s) with live drums as a rough mix
3. When approved by you I finish the drum tracks
4. Final payment arrangements made when you're 100% satisfied.
5. Your track(s) are delivered as to your specifications
6. I follow through afterwards to ensure everything is spot on and that your still satisfied

I've recorded with numerous artists, singer songwriters, producers and really enjoy collaborating with people from all around the world and hope to work with YOU soon!!

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