Anthony has been playing professionally since the age of 13. His work is extensive. His early roots started at Trinity Television studios. At the age of 16 Anthony found himself doing mostly live off the floor playing, performing in gospel, Jazz, and orchestral groups on a monthly, weekly basis. Since then Anthony has gone on to tour and record with Juno award winning groups and artists, and still keeps active in the recording business, including radio and television.


World Village Gospel Choir
Chris Goertzen
The Hazy Pilgrims
South Thunderbird Blues band
Burnt Project 1
The Sharkhunters
Meghan Meisters
Santee Smith
Gill Fournier
Will Bonness
Ron Paley
Neil Weisensel
Mark Kelso
Rick Lazar
John Ervin
Sierra Noble
Lucie Idlout
Terry Barnett
Deano Dean
Tim Butler
David Kramer
Inside out blues band
Contemporary Dancers of Winnipeg
CBC Radio
CBC Television
APTN Television Network
Trinity Television Studios