Playing for the songs and to make you happy. for $100

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Playing for the songs and to make you happy. for $100

I have learned from the best while living and studying in NYC at The Drummers Collective, and then through my experiences working with great producers and engineers in Nashville and LA. I am able to provide the exact sounds you want on your recording. When you describe your ideal sound, send reference tones from records you like and receive the initial tracks from me there is a guarantee that we will get the sound you want. I'm willing to work on two revisions for you to make you a satisfied client. With a wide range of different drums any tone is achievable. My process includes multiple takes until I get the raw sounds that are going to work best for your songs and your preferences. Then, once I have those dialed in I will send you the first batch of files. If you prefer revisions we can work together to make you 100% satisfied through the revision process. I will provide eight different raw drum microphone tracks. That is my typical setup. Please check out my website MatthewSinglerMusic for multiple examples of recorded and live performance.

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