Professional muti-tracked drums and percussion - Nashville, Tn - 2 complete takes for $60

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Professional muti-tracked drums and percussion - Nashville, Tn - 2 complete takes for $60

Kasey Todd is a professional studio and touring drummer based in Nashville, Tn, and loves to play for the song. He has performed and recorded globally with many major label artists of all genres.Some of those artists include Tonic, Jace Everett, Aaron Goodvin, Sam Lewis and Leigh Nash. Kasey graduated with a music degree from Otterbein University, and is well versed in all areas of drum set and percussion. Feel free to check him out at .

I have a wide range of drums (Modern and Vintage), cymbals and percussion instruments, to get the right sound for your song. I'm use the ProTools DAW and I typically use the following input list... Kick In, SubKick, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Rack, Floor, Hats, R/OH, L/OH, Room mic 1, Room mic 2. This will vary just depending on what the song calls for.

You will receive two (2) complete takes of the song. All the drum and percussion tracks are sent via dropbox as wav. files, and are sent completely "dry", or without mixing and processing. If asked, I can send some mildly processed files and/or a stereo mix (eq, compression, etc), for an extra fee.

Lets make some music!

2 Reviews

  1. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Dec 28, 2018

    Perfect job, as always! Thank you, Kasey!

  2. Review By: gbryanmiller Nov 3, 2018

    Turn-around was kind of slow but Kasey communicated throughout and delivered quality work.

  3. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Sep 23, 2018

    Kasey is a real pro! Thank you, Kasey, you did a great job!

  4. Review By: Friendly Sep 5, 2018

    Fully satisfied with work delivered.
    5 stars.

  5. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Aug 22, 2018

    Great job, Kasey! I'de love to work together again. Thank you!)

  6. Review By: AndreiSkliarov Aug 22, 2018

    Kasey did an excellent job. Thank you so much!)

  7. Review By: glanis Mar 7, 2018

    Very good job mate.Thank you!