Drum Recording by Nashville Session Drummer for $85

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Nate Onstott

Drum Recording by Nashville Session Drummer for $85

Nashville Session and Live drummer with 14 years experience in Nashville. Graduated from Nashville's Belmont University with a degree in Music, 2007. Experience performing all Styles. I love all types of music.

I will record drums for your song in my home studio. $50/song (only 1 revision for the sale price). I can provide raw audio or stems with my processing. I track in Logic Pro X. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with additional PreAmps to add color. My processed Stems sound great and can be used if you aren't comfortable mixing drums yourself. If you are i can give you raw audio. Whatever you need!

Shure Beta 52 , Solomon LoFreq "subkick", Shure sm57 (4), Electro Voice ND 308 (2), Rode NT4 stereo mic, and AKG C214 (2)

I track a custom Mahogany Anchor Drum kit designed for Recording. I also have an Anchor kit in Maple/Poplar and a smaller tighter custom OCDP kit (2002). I have 8 different snares including Sugar Percussion, DW, Ludwig, Yamaha, Tama, and more. A large collection of versatile Zildjian Cymbals. Lots of shakers, tambourines and other percussion stuff to add to the vibe of your track. I love adding layers of percussion if that's what you need!

I would love to help take your song to the next level and help create your musical vision! I aim to please! Contact me!

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