Bespoke drum tracks for your songs for $125

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Andy Mapp

Bespoke drum tracks for your songs for $125

Bespoke drums recorded for your songs.

Real drums with no samples used, recorded in my studio exclusively for your music.

Fast turn around.

You will receive a fully mixed track, samples of individual drums and multitracks so you can also do your own edits.

Rest easy knowing you're hiring a drummer who plays for the song instead of trying show their latest chops, the song is what matters most!

As an extra, you can also buy a live one to one video so you can direct and manage your session in real time.

Many choices of sounds and drums available, all at your disposal.

Credits include.

Abbey Road Studios
Blue Man Group
Scars On 45
Katrina And The Waves
Bill Lawrence
Steve Ellis

And many more. A full bio is available on request.

  • Country
  • Pop-Rock
  • Ambient
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Funk

Song Montage

A few songs I've been a part of.
  • Song Montage
  • Pop/Rock
  • Funky shuffle
  • Straight ahead groove

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