Your Awesome Swag Drum GROOVE for $250

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Your Awesome Swag Drum GROOVE for $250

Hello everyone,
My name is Michele, i'm 30 and i'm a drummer from Turin, italy.

I've been working for many years and I'm specialized in "swag" or "drunk" grooves...i love that type of vibes!

Let me know what kind of groove you love, and I'll create an original one for you!
I grew up in the world of recording sessions in a studio called R.E.M, owned and managed by the masters Emanuele Ruffinengo & Roberto Maccagno (Grammy Awads Producers), and where I was lucky enough to see and be able to work with some of the best Italian producers and musicians.
The most important thing for me, when I am called to work, is to understand what kind of feeling and sensations the producer's (in this case, you) wants, i want to understand what it is like and who is the person behind that song...what you love, what you listen, what you feel.
What I Like :
- I like working with people who recognize the value of a musician and the value of hard working.
- I like working in situations that can create connections.
- I love to working with positive people
- I like working with people who recognize the value of a real professional recording :the first link in the chain is certainly the musician, but for a professional recording you also need the right environment and the right "tools of the trade", and not only an audio interface.
All recordings are maded with professional studio equipment, including a Soundtracs 16-8-16 analog vintage console, TabFunkenwerk '60s preamps, Lawo Vintage Eqs. many different mics, snares, cymbals, and different drumsets (including an incredible vintage Rogers Big R '73 drumset).
When i'm called to work, normally i like to spend one day for a session : trying different sounds and solution or, if you need, i can create a "copy" of a sound that you love.
Last thing that i like : people that give me much information !
Have a nice day, and sorry for my spaghetto english!
Greetings from Italy!

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