Drum Tracking - Affordable, great sounding drums on your song for $50

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Drum Tracking - Affordable, great sounding drums on your song for $50

I’m new to this site and am offering a special discount for members.

I have been playing drums for 35 years. I’ve been a full time professional since 2006. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of playing on over 150 albums and pride myself on putting as much love into your songs as I would if they were my own. I really want you to get something you are pleased with... not just today but years down the road.

I play all styles but specialize particularly in Rock, Pop, Americana, Indie, Ska, Reggae. I’ve recorded and/or toured with Donna Summer, The Uptones, Sun Kil Moon, Neil Halstead, Steve Shelley, and many more.

For this service you will receive individual, processed tracks as well as a drum stem with one round of edits (if needed.) If you have a complicated song, long song (over 5 minutes) or have very specific parts for drums, please also check out my Drums Pre Production service. The pre production service gives us the time to really dig into the specifics of the part you’re looking for and work it all out ahead of time.


I record in Pro Tools HD 10.

I have 2 Ludwig and a Gretsch kit to choose from. All set up to provide different sonic characteristics, depending on the song, I can get a vintage or a more modern sound. If you don’t have a preference, I will decide based on the song/vibe you’re going for.

I also have a wide range of cymbals to choose from that can provide the appropriate tones ranging from jazz to heavy rock.

Preamps: I have several different preamps I use while recording. The ones I most commonly use for drum tracking are:
Universal Audio LA610 tube preamp
WA276-EQ (Neve clone)
WA412 (API clone)
Focusrite ISA one

Microphones: I have many to choose from but the common choices for drums are:

WA14 (a vintage AKG 414 clones), Lauten Audio LA120 or Fathead ribbons -> Neve style preamps with EQ

Hi Hat:
Shure SM81 or Lauten Audio LA12

Shure Beta 52, Sputnik tube mic or Neumann TLM 103 -> API style preamp

Audix i5, Shure SM7 or Shure SM57 -> API style preamp

Sennheiser 604, Shure SM57 or Shure SM7 -> API style preamp

Sputnik tube mic, Fathead ribbons, Neumann TLM 103 or Shure SM7 -> into UA LA610 with eq and compression

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Americana
  • Reggae
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Soul

Big Room Full Kit

  • Big Room Full Kit
  • Big Room Toms
  • Tight Full Kit
  • Vintage Kick and Toms
  • Some Hoedown Percussion

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