Professional Remote Live Drums & Percussion for $70

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Michael Farina

Professional Remote Live Drums & Percussion for $70

Need a drummer that plays for the song? Looking for a solid backbeat? A drummer who cares about sounds and textures? Who'll work tirelessly to get the vibe right? I'm your guy!

I'm independent drummer based out of Toronto, Canada.

I've toured & recorded with artists from around the world, playing almost every genre professionally over the course of ten-plus years.

I am obsessed with sounds, and will try anything to make a song feel as best it can.

In the past I've worked with artists and bands like The Band Lemon (ex-Sleeping With Sirens), Wolf Saga, Poro, Goodnight Sunrise, and many more!

I'm currently endorsed by YC Drum Company, Los Cabos Drumsticks, and Dream Cymbals.

My goal is to find the perfect part, sounds, vibe to help bring your music and your vision to life. Whether you need just an acoustic drum track, or to layer programmed drums, or percussion overdubs, or a mix of all three, I'll be sure to put in the time and energy your project requires to sound its best!

You will receive 2 takes of mix-ready multitrack stems, a single-channel drum mix, a full-song mix, as well as individual drum samples from the session. (All .WAV files)

Let's make great music together!

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  • Singer-Songwriter

Wolf Saga - Alice In Nowhere Land

Indie Pop/Rock
  • Wolf Saga - Alice In Nowhere Land
  • The Band Lemon - Love You
  • Goodnight, Sunrise - WVV

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