Drum Recording Acoustic+Electronic and Programmed for $40

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Drum Recording Acoustic+Electronic and Programmed for $40

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Creative grooves for your Music or Loop, recorded with Hybrid Drum (acoustic+electronic) or Electronic Drum or Programming in styles Pop, Funk, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap, Indie, Alternative and Brazilian Music.

My name is Bianca Predieri (Bibeats) and I am a professional drummer with over 20 years of experience. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Music from FMU University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I played with various Brazilian big names: Lanny Gordin, Lucy Alves, Ana Cañas, Thaíde, SNJ amongst others.

Services offered:
1) Hybrid Drum Recording - For you who are looking for a creative beat, exploring the universe of acoustic with electronics drums.
Gear / Format (Multitrack)
Up to 8 simultaneous channels, acoustic drum
(Focusrite 24bits/192kHz) + MIDI, where I will create a MIDI file of my drum performance that we can use to replacement the drum sound.
Controller MIDI - Roland SPD/SX + Triggers.

2) Electronic Drum Recording - For you who are looking for a beat in hip hop, lo-fi, rap, boom bap styles.

3) Programmed Drums - For you who are looking for drum programming, various musical genres.


- I deliver high-quality drum tracks;
- All audio tracks and MIDI files generated will be sent on separate tracks in WAV;
- I also deliver the generated MIDI files;
- Percussion add ons.

I am at your service, so feel free to contact me for your project.


  • Electronic
  • Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • World
  • Soul

Assucena - Parti do Alto

Drum Recording
  • Assucena - Parti do Alto
  • compilation of music recorded in my studio
  • compilation of beats recorded in my studio
  • Fuga
  • Coletivo Rua - Grana
  • Parcialmente Nublado - Cometa beat

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