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• A bit about me -
*Recording/production -
Over the last 10 or so years, I’ve been developing my skills in this area, learning how to record/mix my own compositions (and more recently other people's) to a professional standard and build them from scratch, playing and singing all the parts myself.
After many learning curves, gear upgrades, valuable experience working in a professional recording studio, and two home studios later, I now feel confident in being able to provide such services on a professional basis, remotely from my home studio in SE England.
My studio has a very controlled almost 'dead' sound, which is ideal for overdubs and getting that dry drum sound, a favourite of mine, but there's always the option to add reverbs and processing to achieve that 'big' 'live' sound too, if that's what you're after.. examples of both can be heard in the 'audio' section on here.

• Gear -
I have 3 different kits, bass drum dimensions ranging from 22'' / 20'' & 16'' (the latter being great for tuning to a specific note if required, sounds great with an open jazz tuning played with a vintage bommer beater, conversely with the front head off, it provides a great controlled 'disco' thud, a very versatile drum).

I have a wide range of tom sizes, some with resonant heads and others set up as concert toms (well, if you want that 70's sound...)
As far as cymbals go, the usual suspects consist of Meinl & Zildjian cymbals, and there's a whole host of assorted percussion instruments too.

• Mics -
I won't give a complete list here, as for me (and many others) microphones are only a small portion of the deal, it's really about what you do with them that counts; mic pre-amps/placement, room acoustics, and the ability of the musician to do his or her job!!!
Though some of my favourites consist of ribbon mics and Oktava condensers, great for overheads on the drums, as both pick up high frequencies in a very nuanced manner, resulting in smooth top-end response, ideal for great sounding cymbals.
SM57s are a mainstay, EV RE320's, and some interesting old Telefunkens from the 60's to name a few..

All tracks recorded into Logic Pro X via Soundcraft MTK22 analogue desk.

1 revision included in rate, with further revisions at $30 each.

Bring your songs to life with authentic sounding live drums with character, apposed to hyper-edited over-compressed homogenised noise!
Let's discuss your next project!

Other services available - *links*

  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Blues
  • Prog rock
  • Jazz
  • Pop-Rock

Dry Drums - Groove 1

3 mic setup - bass drum, snare, single overhead
  • Dry Drums - Groove 1

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