MIDI Drums/Programmed Drums - MIDI Session Drummer for $75

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MIDI Drums/Programmed Drums - MIDI Session Drummer for $75

Do you need a solid and tasteful drum track for your music? I've been recording MIDI drum tracks for clients from my home studio for the last three years, but I've been behind a kit for over thirty. I can provide you with an ultra-realistic MIDI drum part for your track and access to a virtual drum warehouse of sounds.

Drums and music are my passion; my aim in everything I do is to support the song and not get in the way. I consider myself very much a song drummer. I can handle most styles but specialise in Rock, Pop, Country and their sub-genres.

I can program, but I always track using an upgraded Roland Vdrum kit to maintain the human element. I will provide you with the raw MIDI file, but if you require audio, I work mainly with Superior Drummer 3, but I also have access to Steven Slate Drums, GGD and a few Kontact libraries if needed.

I'll need your track, the BPM, and any reference tracks you think might be helpful to get started. Your track must be recorded with a click. I'll then record some takes and send them to you for notes, and we'll work together until you're happy. I can take inspiration from an existing drum part/idea or create something original for you.

• My rate per song is $75. I provide a discount for multiple tracks.

• New clients get 20% off their first booking.

• I allow three revisions per song. Additional revisions after that will be $20 each.

• My usual delivery time is within 2-3 days. 24-hr delivery is available for an extra $50.

• I can provide a short demo for a small fee. If you book me after that I'll deduct the fee from from my final rate.

Please reach out if you have any questions, and thanks for your time,


  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Prog rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

MIDI Drums Demo (Drums Only)

See my Soundcloud and Video tabs for more examples.
  • MIDI Drums Demo (Drums Only)

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