Professional, Creative Live Drum and Percussion Tracks for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Kevin Matthews

Professional, Creative Live Drum and Percussion Tracks for $100

Hi my name is Kevin Matthews! I am a professional drummer, and I have been making my living playing, touring and recording for the past 7 years.

Credits include: Juno award winning folk artist Jayme Stone, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the acclaimed alt-country band Gasoline Lollipops, Emmy winning folk artist and author Carrie Newcomer, and jazz musicians Rich Perry, Seamus Blake, Dave Easley, Shane Endsley, Peter Stoltzman and John Gunther. I've also recorded music for the Facebook Sound Collection with Jayme Stone.

- Mics:
Overheads: 2 Byerdynamic M160's
Kick: Electrovoice RE20 outside, Shure SM57 beater
Snare: Byerdynamic M201
Toms: Unidyne SM57, Sennheiser MD 421, or Audix i8
Room: Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5 or Rode NT1-A
- Yamaha Birch Stage Custom Drums - 12 and 14" toms, 20" kick
- 1970's Ludwig Super Sensitive Snare (14x7)
- Zildjian K Lite Flat Ride, Bosphorus Master Series Ride, Crescent Vintage Ride, 1960's Zildjian A Ride w/ Rivets, Assortment of Crash and Splash cymbals (Dream, Zildjian K), 1950's Zildian A Series Hi Hats, 1960's Paiste/Ludwig Hi Hats
- DAW: Pro Tools
- Computer: 2017 Mac Mini
- Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 with Scarlett OctoPre preamp

I will send a rough mix of me playing on your track, and then we can discuss it to make sure I'm getting the right vibe! After we talk and I get some feedback, I will record 3 different takes on the track so you have options to choose from.

I record drums with 7 tracks (2 overheads, snare, both toms, kick and a room mic). I can send a mix of all the tracks as a wav file, or send individual wav files of each track if you prefer to mix the drums yourself.

Respecting the song making it feel good are my top priorities. My goal is to elevate the track while letting the artist shine through!

  • Americana
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Rock

All The Misery Money Can Buy-Gasoline Lollipops

  • All The Misery Money Can Buy-Gasoline Lollipops
  • Elzic's Farewell-Jayme Stone for the Facebook Sound Collection
  • Takin' Time- Gasoline Lollipops

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