Great Energy and Feel - Amazing Sounding Custom Drum Tracks for Your Music for $55

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Great Energy and Feel - Amazing Sounding Custom Drum Tracks for Your Music for $55

Hi, I know you’ve worked really hard on your songs and can’t wait for the world to hear them, so I want to give you the best possible custom drums to fit your music. Whether you’re a solo musician, band or producer, I can remotely record great sounding custom drum tracks for you.

It’s not just great sounding drums I can bring to your songs, but also the musical experience that comes from my years of writing, studio recording and touring with many different bands and solo artists. I’ve played everything from rock to pop, singer songwriter to punk and folk to metal. With all this in my arsenal, I understand what drums are needed to make a song sound great. This means listening carefully to the parts, recognising melodies and accents and playing for the song, NOT sticking drum chops over everything.

For this custom drum track service I will provide you with the drums for a track up to four minutes in length.
All the microphone stems so that you can mix the drums however you choose. This will usually be up 12, but of course, depends on the needs of your project. An example of the stems are as follows:
Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Inside Bass Drum, Outside Bass Drum, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi Hat, Overhead and a combination of Room Mics
A WAV file of the finished drum track.

After the initial recording, I will undertake up to two further revisions to ensure you’re happy.

Here’s Some of the Benefits of Me Remotely Recording Drums For Your Music:
I play for the song
I care about making your songs sound great
I’m responsive to what you need
I work fast, but don’t rush
I make sure you’re totally happy
The whole process is quick, simple and affordable
The drums sound incredible!

Check out the audio samples to hear some of the playing styles and drum sounds I can offer you.

I can offer you a really diverse and fantastic choice of sounds to suit your music. From vintage blues sounds, all the way to blistering and bold rock kits. Being able to adapt and offer a customised recording gives you the best possible drums for your music.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask, then get in touch with what you need. There’s no pressure or sales talk. It’s all about getting what’s right for you.

Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock - Remote Drum Recording

Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock
  • Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock - Remote Drum Recording
  • Singer Songwriter, Folk - Remote Drum Recording
  • Hard Rock - Remote Drum Recording
  • Pop Groove - Remote Drum Recording
  • 60s Pop - Remote Drum Recording
  • 50s Rock n' Roll / Rockabilly - Remote Drum Recording

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