Drum tracks by GRAMMY® Nominated Artist for $110

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Dan Pugach

Drum tracks by GRAMMY® Nominated Artist for $110


I'd love to record drums for your project and work together. You can simply send me your preferred music file and I will craft a drum track for it.

I am a Pearl Drums artist and using their top of the line Masterworks Urban Recipe Shells as well as their classic Masters Custom maple series from the 90's.

I also endorse Bosphorus Cymbals which are %100 hand-made in Turkey, super warm and rich.

You can select between a few snare drums and bass drum sizes.

I can send you separate flat drum tracks for you to mix or I can rough-mix it myself and send you one WAV file.

Using Behringer X32 Rack
Audix D6 and SM57 - kick reso and batter
Shure SM57 - snare top and bottom
Rode NT5 pair overheads
M81 - tom
Beta 52 - Floor tom

I am a GRAMMY® Nominated drummer and composer with my own project and would love to be part in yours.
I empathize with you as a composer/songwriter and have a deep understanding of what you need for your song.
I can send you 2 takes and do 2 revisions until your satisfied.

Brooklyn Blues

Dan Pugach Nonet
  • Brooklyn Blues
  • Zelda
  • Our Blues
  • Love Dance
  • Jolene
  • Discourse this!
  • Crystal Silence
  • Coming Here
  • Belo's Bellow

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