Professional drum recording - quarantine special limited time offer for $20

In Drums By Robert Domitrović

Professional drum recording - quarantine special limited time offer for $20

I'm a professional drummer from Croatia, Europe and I've been  playing for 15 years. During that time I toured with many famous artists and worked on a number of studio projects. I've performed all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, etc.) and I played some of the biggest festivals in the region.

Until now I recorded approx 100 songs and had ten Croatia Top 20 hits and recently I've made my own small home studio that I can record drums in and I'm looking forward to working with musicians from all over the world. I mostly played pop, rock, soul, funk, blues, hip-hop and r'n'b but I'm open to experiment and explore different styles.

For my drum recordings in this price range I'll be using my Gretsch USA Custom drum set. I have a wide variety of cymbals (Sabian HHX, Zildjian A custom, Zildjian K custom, Zildjian Constantinople,  Meinl Vintage Sand series, Istanbul Agop Signature, etc.)  and snares (8 of them - Gretsch, Ludwig, Premier, Sonor, Pearl, Slingerland and some custom made pieces ) so I'm sure that I'll be able to find the right sound for your song.

I'll try my best to adapt to the song and drum sound in question and for this offer I record the drum on 4 tracks (kick, snare, 2x overhead mic's - L&R).

Of course, I have a possibility to record it with more microphones (3x toms, 2nd kick mic, room mic, hi-hat mic, snare bottom, more toms etc.) but for that you can contact me and I can give you a custom offer or you can check my other services. I can also add a side snare/timbale/extra (floor) tom/china/etc. if the need arises and can overdub some shakers, tambourines, rainstick, cowbell, claps or other small percussion. This service is the cheaper one and ideal for songs with a more organic drum sound.

I'll send at least two different takes of raw recordings in mp3 and then we can discuss arrangements and review everything. There is 1 revisions and after you're satisfied I'll send you the stems.

As for the microphones, for this price range I use:
Senheiser MKH 416 - for overheads
Beyerdinamics TGD 70d - kick
Shure SM57, Audix i5 or Sennheiser e906 - for snare

DAW: Cubase 10.5

Audio interface:
Behringer XR18 X Air 18

  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • Soul
  • Neo soul

Drum promo medley

This is a short mix of some of the songs I recorded in these past 3 years. There are some Croatian artists and some international / English songs. Instead of uploading just one song, I decided to mix them all together to give a fair representation of my sound, skill & groove for you to decide if that's what you were searching for.
  • Drum promo medley

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