Professional Custom Drum Set, Marching Drums or Concert Percussion Tracks in Many Styles Created and Recorded for Your Song or Project for $47

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Professional Custom Drum Set, Marching Drums or Concert Percussion Tracks in Many Styles Created and Recorded for Your Song or Project for $47

Professional custom drum set, marching drums or concert percussion tracks created specifically for the feel and groove of your song.

I am very comfortable performing and recording all styles of music from rock to blues to country, classical, jazz, fusion and even double bass drum thumping metal! I pride myself on working with you to get the right sound, touch, groove and feel for your song or project.

In my work with international music publishing company, Hal Leonard, we strive to recreate the sound of the songs we are recording so I have a good ear in crafting the sound of the drums to be exactly the type of sound that you want to hear for your song, from tight and punchy to big and open. Wanna hear the percussion section from a symphony orchestra or a marching battery section behind your song instead of just a drum set? Let's do it! You define the desired sound and I'll make it happen.

2000's Ayotte Custom Maple
10", 14" toms
26" kick

2003 DW Custom Maple
12", 14", 16" toms
22" kick

1970's Japanese Import (Restored)
12", 16" toms
20" kick

2006 DW Club Kit (custom assembled)
10", 12" toms
16" kick

Ayotte 6.5"x14" Custom Maple
DW 5.5"x14" Custom Aluminum
Tama 3.5"x14" Starclassic Maple Piccolo
1969 Ludwig 5.5"x14" Wood
1962 Slingerland 5.5"x14" Wood
Yamaha 5.5"x14" Steel

I also have a large selection of cymbals, hand percussion, marching drums and concert percussion available for custom built set ups and sounds.

Platform: Pro Tools on Mac
Pres: UA LA-610, Focusrite, Joe Meek, VTB & Presonus
Mics: AKG 414, RODE NT1000, SP C1, SHURE SM81, AT ATM-25, AKG D112, Shure SM57's, more

I record with as many tracks as we need to capture all of the sounds of the setup that you want for your song. By default I'll deliver your tracks as dry, individual, 24 bit/ 44.1 .wav files but can make any adjustments that you may need (please contact me for details). I can also provide a simple, dry stereo mix. I will deliver one take and I offer up to TWO revisions to make sure that we get a track that exceeds your expectations. I encourage you to provide a contract for the project but please know that upon completion of the work all audio and copyright becomes property of you and your project with all work completed on Airgigs being termed on a work-for-hire basis. Project credits are appreciated but not mandatory.

Thank you for checking out my Airgig and I'm looking forward to creating some music with you!!

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