Remote Drum Tracks for $100

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Remote Drum Tracks for $100

As a trained freelance drummer for over 20 years I can offer professional drum tracks for any style. I have studied with some of Canada's top drummers during my time at Humber college's music program where I earned my Bachelor in Music with honors and further broadened my skill set as a composer during my time studying as a Music Composition Post Grad at York University and as a participant in the BMI Mentorship program in NYC. This gives me a unique perspective as I approach each song as a composer and instrumentalist.

I co-operate Trouble Town Records, a beautiful Recording Studio based out of Everett, ON. Our studio is built inside an old church, has an amazing live room with high ceilings and is equipped with industry standard mics, pres and a large variety of drum kits to accommodate any sound from Warm and Vintage to Indie and Thunderous to Modern and Present and everything in between.

I have performed and/or recorded with some of Canada's most prolific artists spanning many genres including Pamela Morgan, Dave Panting, Odario Williams, Lindy Vopnfjord, Brad Jefford, Pat Boyle, The Tartan Terrors, the NSO, and many more. I have also worked extensively in Film and TV including on scores for "Born to Be Blue" the Chet Baker biopic starring Ethan Hawke, "Sweetness In The Belly" starring Dakota Fanning and "The Indian Detective" starring Russell Peters among others.

I am an excellent communicator and am passionate about empathically helping clients realize their vision, working with you on laying down the perfect drum track and understanding the nuances required for every project type.

I am sponsored by Samsun Cymbals.

Terms Of Service:

- I will send you an initial programmed midi drum track in order to confirm the part with you before tracking final drums. Revisions can be requested free of charge during this phase.

- After approval of the drum part through midi demos I will record and send you all your raw and unmixed acoustic drum stems as 24/48 WAV files (Higher resolution available upon request). Part revisions requested after this phase may be subject to a fee.

- Extra percussion can be added free of charge (shakers, various hand perc, etc)

Stem layout:
- Kick sub
- Kick
- Snare Top
- Snare Bot
- Tom 1
- Tom 2
- Floor Tom
- Hats
- Ride
- Overheads (Stereo)
- Rooms (Stereo)
- Ribbon Kick/Snare
- Ribbon Rear

*Stem layout may be different depending on specific needs of song.

Mics: Royer, AKG, Neumann, Shure
Pres: Neve, Antelope, Apollo

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