Drums and/or Percussion recording - each for $75

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Theo Christodoulou

Drums and/or Percussion recording - each for $75

Recording drums and/or percussion for a song in the studio is my favorite part of being a professional musician.

I have a studio of my own, where I record pretty much any instrument.

My drum kit is a Yamaha Stage Custom, 10'' & 12'' toms, 16'' floor tom and 22'' kick drum. Snare drums:
-Yamaha Stage Custom 14''
-Tama Kenny Aronoff signature snare drum 14''
-Pearl Marvin "Smitty" Smith signature snare drum14''
-Premier 2000 Snare Drum 14''
-Sonor Select Jungle Snare 10''

*Cymbals are constantly being upgraded
*I tune the drums using Tune Bot


-LP Conga Set 10'' & 11''
-Sonor Bongos 5'' & 6''
-Schlapwerk Cajon
-Bar Chimes

Recording Mics:

-Blue Dragonfly (x2)
-Sontronic STC-II
-Shure SM 57
-Shure B52
-Sennheiser E 904 (x3)

-I can give you the tracks dry or mixed, the choice is yours.
-For the drum recording, I use up to 8 tracks.
-The tracks I will send you will be neat, each instrument separately, track starting from the beginning till the end of the song, no bits 'n' pieces.
-I offer 2 reviews
-Deliver may vary, depending on how demanding the song is. Maximum delivery time: 7 days.
-ALL genres are welcome

Let's have a good time and make good music!

Methexis - Topos 1 Part 2

Prog Rock
  • Methexis - Topos 1 Part 2
  • Methexis - Topos 2 Part 5
  • Lies Lies Lies
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Project Sunlight - Endless Reel
  • Project Sunlight - In Be-twin

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