Theo is a Los Angeles Music Academy 2010 graduate and has since been a professional musician, having participated in various music projects, live and in the studio, as well as in theatre musicals (A Tale Without Name, Spamalot) not only as a drummer/percussionist, but also as a producer sound & mixing engineer.

He has been collaborating with independent artists (The Storyville Ragtimers, HMTA, Level X, Methexis…) on album releases, recording in the studio and performing live. Also, he has been a member of the Philarmonic Orchestra of Aghia Paraskevi.

Since 2011, Theo has been working as a drum teacher and theory instructor in music schools and other educational institutions in Athens, Greece. Furthermore, he has been a seminar leader, along with tap dancer Maria Hadjipanteli, on their Tap ’n’ Groove workshop.

He is also a founding member of NuN Records, a record label which specializes in cutting vinyl, mixing and mastering.

As a producer and songwriter, Theo Christodoulou has been working on Project Sunlight, collaborating with many talented musicians on compositions and lyrics of his own.

In the fall of 2019 Theo collaborated not only as a drummer, but also a recording/mixing engineer & producer on Dale Kellison’s bluegrass project, Country From Another Country.

Theo recently published his first book on learning how to play the drums titled Stick to the Groove Vol. 1: Essential Exercises for Building Technique & Musicality Around the Drumset.