Kick-Ass Multi-track Drums!!! for $99

In Drums By HugoRibeiro

Kick-Ass Multi-track Drums!!! for $99

Drummer with over 20 years of experience.

You get 12 raw drum tracks(Kick, snare, HiHat, Room, etc…) in WAV 48KHz 24bit format and UNLIMITED revisions until the drums are completely to your liking.

Drums - Sonor Select Force Maple, Yamaha Oak Custom
Cymbals - Sabian AA; HH; AAX; Artisan
Mics - Sennheiser, Shure and Sontronics
Interface - Motu

Godvlad: Game of Shades

I recorded the drums on this track.
  • Godvlad: Game of Shades
  • Brent Roach Project: Pictures Of Love
  • Kandia: Clarity

9 Reviews

  1. Review By: edkocol Sep 29, 2018

    Excellent work and quick turnaround even on revisions.

    I Highly recommend Hugo. But only after he does my projects :-)

  2. Review By: Chip Sep 14, 2018

    Hugo is an incredible musician with a great ear for arranging his instrument in a tune. I highly reccomend Hugo. He is patient and absolutely capable to lay what it is you arrange. With that said I suggest to allow him a chance to present what he may arrange to your concept.

    His stems are solid, his execution is solid and he is a solid cat.

  3. Review By: MarcosDosSantos Aug 30, 2018

    Excellent! Hugo is an amazing drummer and did a great job in an uncommon music track (lots of odd time signatures). If anyone needs a metal or prog drummer this is the right guy!

  4. Review By: edkocol Aug 14, 2018

    Hugo is quick and does an excellent job even on revisions.

  5. Review By: edkocol Aug 14, 2018

    As usual Hugo did an excellent job with a quick turnaround.

  6. Review By: edkocol Feb 26, 2018

    Hugo did it again. This is the fourth track he's done for us. He's very flexible with fixes, but his creativity is far more important to our "band' of collaborators. We could just use MIDI for drums, but why... when we can have live drums recorded cleanly and spot on with the song arrangement.

  7. Review By: edkocol Dec 21, 2017

    Hugo simply delivers the goods. On time and as expected.

  8. Review By: edkocol May 15, 2017

    Hugo simply does excellent work, efficiently and timely.

  9. Review By: edkocol Apr 14, 2017

    Excellent work in a timely fashion. Very flexible to work with.