Kick-Ass Multi-track Drums!!! for $100

In Drums By Hugo Ribeiro

Kick-Ass Multi-track Drums!!! for $100

Drummer with over 20 years of experience.

You get 12 raw drum tracks(Kick, snare, HiHat, Room, etc…) in WAV 48KHz 24bit format and UNLIMITED revisions until the drums are completely to your liking.

Drums - Sonor Select Force Maple
Cymbals - Sabian AA; HH; AAX; Artisan
Mics - Sennheiser, Shure, Audix and Sontronics
Interface - Motu

Brent Roach Project: Pictures Of Love

I recorded the drums on this track.
  • Brent Roach Project: Pictures Of Love
  • Kandia: Clarity
  • Godvlad: Game of Shades

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