Session Drumming for $60

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Session Drumming for $60

If you're tired of stiff and lifeless programmed/MIDI drums, I provide professionally recorded and polished drum recordings for a number of genres. I'm quick, versatile and, most importantly, I play for the music (will study references, and can read charts/sheet music). I'm happy to do up to 2 revisions at no additional cost, and will provide stems and individual tracks that are natural and ready to be mixed into your music.

Some past projects (can be found on Spotify): Darrell and Ashley, Heater Cook, Sleep Gets Your Ghost, Little Man on the Radio, Ernston, Serencia, Briar, Powerlines

Rock, Funk, Pop, Folk, Indie, Progressive Metal, Math Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Modern Jazz

Gretsch Catalina Maple Kick & Toms
Sonor Select Force Kick & Toms
70's Rogers 24" Kick
70's Ludwig Acrolyte Snare
13" Spaun Acrylic Snare
14" Pearl Sensitione Snare

CYMBALS (not all inclusive):
Zildjian K Custom Special Dry (14" hats, 16" & 18" crashes, 21" ride)
Zildjian K Custom Dark Hats 14"
Zildjian A Custom Sweet Ride 21"
Sabian AA Medium Crash 16" & 18"
Sabian Xs20 Hats 14"
Wuhan China 16"

SOFTWARE (not all inclusive):
Avid Pro Tools
Steven Slate Trigger 2 Platinum
100s of drum samples for completely custom, unique, and perfectly matched drum tones
Professional and industry standard plugins from manufacturers such as Waves, FabFilter, Steven Slate, JST, SoundToys, and many many more)

  • Funk
  • Prog rock
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Metal

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