Professional Drum Tracks for $75

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Gary Usie

Professional Drum Tracks for $75

$75 per song for very professional drum tracks.

Rock, Pop, Cajun, Zydeco ,Country, Dance, or Blues,I've got you covered.
I use Crush and Ludwig drums in my studio. I play Sabian cymbals, and Evans drum heads.
Mics: Beta 52 on kick drum, Sure 57 on snare drum, Sennheiser e604 on toms, audio-technica PRO 37 on hi-hat, and audio-technica AT 2035 for overheads.

I have a few different snare drums. I also use Roland electronics (SPD SX Sample Pad).

Check out some of the artists I've recorded with on iTunes:
Hunter Hayes, Roddie Romero, Kylie Frey, Damon Troy, Don Rich, Jamie Bergeron, Travis Matte, and many more!!!

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