Mixed Drum Tracks and 3-Camera HD Video + 1 Revision for $60

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Mixed Drum Tracks and 3-Camera HD Video + 1 Revision for $60

I am a drummer from the Gold Coast Australia, who wants to track drums for your music. I have been completing session work in my studio for the past few years. I am very versatile in all musical genres specialising in rock, pop and funk. I bring a creative aspect to all songs I track that my customers love.

These days it is easy to program midi drums onto your song but let's be honest, they never sound great. They lack the human aspect. I can listen to your drumless song and musical ideas and work with you to create the exact feel you want with the help of one revision to further perfect your song. Alternatively, if you have a midi track you want me to replicate with true drums that is more than fine.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a session drummer recording in a world-class studio I deliver quality arrangements and audio (please see samples) at an extremely reasonable price. Alongside this I am including 3-camera Hd video fully edited in Final Cut Pro X for whatever you may wish to do with it.

I am offering a very low price at the moment with the intention on quickly showcasing my worth on this site and gaining reviews from extremely happy customers so get in quick, there is even one free revision so you will be getting exactly what you imagined in your head coming to life as real audio and visual tracks!

Tracks are recorded, edited, and mixed in Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X. I do not offer a 100% moneyback guarantee due to the nature of some buyers cancelling then still use the tracks, however I offer a free revision to make sure everyone is comfortable ordering through me. Thank you for understanding.

Gear includes:
5 piece Tama Superstar Hyperdrive (Birch)
Snare: 14/5.5 1969 Ludwig Supraphonic or 14” Tama Superstar Birch or 13” Mapex Black Panther 6-ply Maple
Hi-Hats: 13.25" K-Custom or 14" Will Calhoun Mad Hats
Ride: 22" Meinl Byzance or 20" Sabian Legacy
Crash: 15" Sabian AA or 16" Sabian HHX or 17 Sabian HH or 20” Zen China(Trashy Crash) or 20” Legacy
China: 18” and 19” AA and AAX China’s or 20”Zen China
Splashes: Zildjian 8” and 10”

Microphones are as follows:
Sm57 - Snare
3x Audix F10 - Rack Toms and Floor Tom
1x Audix F12 - Bass Drum
2x Audix F15 Condensor's

Camera's Include:
Olympus OMD mark ii
Samsung Galaxy S10 4K
Go-Pro Hero 6 Black 4K (Overhead)

Feel free to ask for specific equipment if you like or I make a decision based on your song and please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have!

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