Professional Drum Tracks for $75

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Professional Drum Tracks for $75

I play pdp dw concept series x7. I can provide you stems of my recording in WAV or AIFF formats. I use Logic ProX and I use Audix, Shure, AKG, BluEncore and MXL Mics. I can make a video of myself playing to your song if you want and I will send you a demo first before I forward the stems.

I understand that sometimes, you need the drums to define where you are going in your music. I am the perfect guy for that. I produce and direct music for various bands in my country and I am well exposed to music from different parts of the world as I have been an active freelancer for more than a year now, I work full time as a freelancer so I have your time!


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5 Reviews

  1. Review By: Roosjeano Apr 8, 2019

    ... I'm very pleased with the work you've done in my track. You were very professional,solid,clean man you're blessed...
    I'm definitely looking forward to do more work with you my brother,

  2. Review By: Iros Mar 28, 2019

    Great musician! I am very pleased to work with such a wonderful guy!

  3. Review By: mictee Mar 7, 2019

    Very responsive and helpful.
    The playing is top notch.
    By far the best drummer we have worked with.

  4. Review By: mictee Mar 5, 2019

    Fantastic performance and gets it done fast.
    Great communication and a pleasure to work with.
    He is good as any of the top drummers anywhere!

  5. Review By: mictee Feb 12, 2019

    A great musician..he has the feel and technique of any top drummer.
    Also ready to listen and make sure you are happy with your song.
    Highly recommended!