Original Beat Production - Custom & Exclusive - Newschool/Oldschool Hip-Hop/Trap/Drill/R&B/Reggaeton for $250

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Original Beat Production - Custom & Exclusive - Newschool/Oldschool Hip-Hop/Trap/Drill/R&B/Reggaeton for $250


-> Original Trap Instrumentals
-> exclusive license
-> available for commercial use
-> Specially structured for rap, rappers
-> Newschool / Oldschool ; a unique blend for your taste
-> Professional
-> Best Workflow
-> High Quality
-> MP3 + WAV + Stems
-> radio ready
-> full commercial rights


husrev_v here, a composer/producer from Ankara. I graduated from the Bilkent University in 2020, and i've been working freelance for the past year. I composed music in the genres of tonal music -classical, oldschool & newschool hip-hop, psychedelic rock, arcade music, techno- and also in the genres of modern music; post-tonal & electro-acoustic. I've been producing hip-hop for more than 5 years and i've composed more than 100 works in various subgenres of it.

I mainly perform on keyboards and pursue all kinds of synthesis. I prefer analog mostly, and my sound is coming from Nord Stage III, Yamaha CS-Reface and Fatar Sledge 2.0. Bass, acoustic and electric guitars, melodions, recorder, African flute, hammered-dulcimer and Roland TR-8 are instruments i commonly use on my work, beside the boundless digital aspect.

I use :
Altiverb & Valhalla for reverb
Fabfilter PRO-Q3 for dynamic eq
Waves Horizon & Izotope for compression & stereo-imaging
Soundtoys plugins for delay and additional colouring.

I'll do my best to create a piece that you feel, you hear and connect. I'll work with your emotions, your ideas and your esthetic; and i'll add my vision to it, as far as you expect. Any genre, any feeling, any sound could be our material. Originality comes first. Please check my audio examples to examine my musical spectrum.

The service is designed & priced for a top quality commercial production, which requires 40 hours of workload for me and another approximate 10 hour for your revisional requests. There is no limit in any terms, duration, complexity, number of instruments etc. Feel free to offer me a cheaper offer to work together, but always considering the proportional decrease in scale of my work and the feedback i expect.

Music will be delivered as seperate audio stems(WAV) + single mixed track(WAV + MP3). You'll own full commercial rights for your music, exclusively. You don't have to give any credits to me, unless you want to.

For any questions, feel free to reach me.

Love and Regards!

  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • Rap
  • R&B
  • Electronic

Bulanık - Ekrem Nejat

composed&produced for my dear friend Ekrem Nejat, an upcoming artist in the Turkish Rap Scene. Check the full song on any streaming platform
  • Bulanık - Ekrem Nejat
  • Beyin Dondurucu - Ekrem Nejat
  • Matrix - Ekrem Nejat
  • Commercial Trap
  • Hyper Trap #1
  • Dark Trap #1
  • Drill #1
  • Experimental Drill #1
  • Melancholic Trap
  • Reggaeton
  • Funky Oldschool #1
  • Lofi Trap
  • Dark Trap #2
  • Hyper Trap #2
  • Drill #2
  • Experimental Drill #2
  • Fragmental Trap #1

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