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I offer beats made for all types of music using the amazing Roland SP-404 mkii, Ableton, analog synthesizers and drums of my own sample library through multiple hardware effects. I especially enjoy working in soundscapes around the beats that give them depth and life so your song will feel like it is ever evolving but up to you how much you want the beats to change. This means anything from simple beats to beats with effect processing to very unique experimental sounds. I work super fast and offer up to 3 revisions. Once you agree to the final set of sounds I will send you individual stems for each set, (kick, snare, hi hat, etc. although some percussion maybe be grouped unless you need them separate)

Whether your song is almost finished or you like to start with drums to play off of I am available to offer feedback and work quickly to get your song going.

I have been making music as one half of the Louisville duo House Ghost since 2009 which can be found on Spotify, I've done everything from Rock, Indie Surf, experimental, and Hip Hop. In House Ghost I make a lot of sounds but particularly enjoy making beat and drum sounds that sound unique. I love making music and would love to help you create the sound you need.

(Message me about pricing for a full album)

  • Hip Hop
  • Electronic

Phone Booth

High energy 80's inspired drums
  • Phone Booth
  • Glazed
  • Doorway
  • Focus Group
  • Hazards of Sleeping Under Star
  • The End of Everything
  • a.I.love.you
  • Nobody Needs a Body
  • Falling

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